something remains


Each of our dogs has its place in our family and in our hearts.

If somebody has to go, each leaving a gap!

We often talk about our dogs that have already gone over the rainbow bridge. They are then packed evenings with "Do you remember ...." overjoyed to tell our old stories over and over again they are with us!

And we are sure - our faithful companions are only gone before and there will be a reunion!

On these special page we want to share our memories with you and let you know that the pain eventually goes by but memories never die!



All too soon, too fast
I just heard your cheerful barking,
you ran with the wind at the bet.
You have no fear and anxiety known.
Just you were still there,
was now equal to nothing as it was.
Helpless, I had to let you go,
You were too young and I can not believe it.
Your place is now empty
and I miss you so much.
The memory is what remains
I wish we had more time.
If I could once again see in your eyes
and go a piece of the road together with you.
I let go is not easy
my love for you to beyond death last.
I call your name softly
and in my mind I hold you in my arms!


Much too early, much too young!
 We have Ariadna lost in a tragic and sudden death.
 An answer to our question: "Why?" we will never get!
 We miss her very much!


Anouk Dream from Russia
born 25.05.1994, died 09.12.1998

From the first litter of Nuschka we kept "Anouk".

We were able to spend only 4 ½ years with him.

He had devoured as a young dog a piece of an angel's trumpet (Datura), which is highly toxic. He survived, but had retained physical damage and died of a hemorrhage.

A very painful experience that we had to do.



Do not cry because it's over
but rejoice that it was beautiful

In Memory
to a very special Samoyed dogs ...

Classic Samoyed of Paradise pay Solan



born 02.01.1999, died 01.02.2006

(Astutus The Magician x Crazy Su vom Fuhrenkamp)

Until the last breath you showed us nothing but love,
no pain.

You will always have a place in our hearts

and live further in your children!



Bajana Dream from Russia

born 03.05.1996, died 01.08.2006
(Fairylight Kent of Karasea x Elisa of Smiling Snow Star)

Fought long and still lost, on 1 August 2006 is our Jana gone much too soon over the rainbow bridge. We will never forget her.

"Jana" came from Nuschkas second litter. We kept her and her sister Belaya Babayaga Dream from Russia ( "witches") from it. These two were as different as you can be, Jana was the quiet, sensitive, and witches of the daredevil.




Balaika Of Smiling Snow Star


born 13.06.1989, died 20.10.2001

Our Balaika of Smiling Snow Star - called "Laika" - was a bundle of energy and we have them when she was grown up, trained on the bike. Later it was a good Quiet-female and has a number of years participated in dog sledding.

She was proud 12 years old.


Cza Cza-Chiara

 Day of birth 04.10.2000, died 08.11.2010


Novaskaya Shayne Lafay x

White Stars of Winter Beautiful Kehla





Elisa of Smiling Snow Star

born 21.02.1991, died 01.06.1996

called "Nuschka" has made us much joy and gave us a total of 17 babies. Unfortunately we have lost her too early at the age of 5 years. It was terrible that he could do nothing for them.




Belaya Babayaga Dream from Russia

Nickname: witches
born 03.05.1996
(Fairy of Light Kent Karasea x Elisa Of Smiling Snow Star)





White Stars of Winter Beautiful Kehla

born 11.06.1998, died 20.02.2003
(Astutus Love Token x Classic Samojed of Paradise Honey Hatty)

In March 2000 White Stars of Winter Beautiful Kehla was moving into our house.

Through a tragic accident we lost our little bear with not even 5 years. We miss her very much!




Fairytale Face Dream from Russia


Nickname: Kikki

born 15.08.2002

(Classic Samojed of Paradise Pay Solan x

White Stars of Winter Beautiful Kehla)


Kikki was born to be a mama! She took care of their own and the pups of other females with so much love and devotion as no other!




Lady Luna Dream from Russia


Day of birth 25.01.2007, died 28.12.2010


 Classic Samojed of Paradise Siska (Siska) x

Classic Samojed of Paradise Underground (Simba)


Luna died in a tragic accident.

We will never forget her and she will live on in her puppies.


Thank you for a short but very nice time





born in October 1998, died 07.03.2003
(Parents Unknown)

Christmas 1998, a Samoyed bitch exposed to approximately 3 months old, that is simply tied to a gate. Only by chance, she was found and then she found in our family a new home. We have it called Nuschka ", a reminder of our Eliza. Now she was defeated by her illness and we have lost them - shortly after Kehla -.




born 03.01.1997, died 05.10.2004
(Parents Unknown)

In 1997 came "Sunny" to us, a very handsome Samoyed bitch.
She could easily compete with the size of a male.


The Rainbow Bridge

A bridge connects the heavens and the earth.
Because of the many colors she is called the bridge of the rainbow.
On this side of the bridge is a land of meadows, hills and lush green grass.

When a beloved animal is asleep on the earth forever, it goes to this beautiful place.
There is always enough to eat and drink, and it is nice warm spring weather.
The old and sick animals are young again and healthy. They play together all day.

There is only one thing that they miss.
They are not with their people they loved on Earth.
They all run and play together every day, until one day one suddenly stops and looks up.

The nose twitches, the ears are up, and the eyes are really big!
Suddenly, it runs out of the group, flying over the green grass.
The legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted.
And if you and your special friend meet, you take him in your arms and hold him firmly.
Your face is kissed again and again and again you finally look into the eyes of your beloved pet,
that so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then exceed your share of the bridge of the rainbow, and you will never be apart again ...

... and whenever you see a rainbow, you know that your friend is near you.

* Author Unknown

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