Belyi Volk Dream From Russia

Nickname = Snezhinka (meaning: snowflake)

Snezhinka was born on 27.08.2008 in Moscow. She has traveled a total of 2000 kilometers and is now found her home with us!

She is a strong and beautiful Samoyed dog with lots of potential!

Snezhinka comes from the Russian Kennel Belyi Volk.

Breeder: Tatiana Evgrafova






Fairymoon Snow Dream From Russia


Belyi Volk Yasna Christina







with 5 months
with 5 months




Snezhinka - our "cool blonde"

is always just a little shy at first and makes a rather timid impression ... but that does not usually last very long.


If our "Snowflake" is once thawed, they mutated into a real cuddle monster.






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