Our "Cheshire Cat"


A true joyous nature and always a smile on his face!
A real sunshine!



Born on 05.11.2008


Daughter of

Jasam's Golden Boy Son Of Silver Boy


Vincenza Victoria Univers Fantastic

Aurora is the sister of Ariadna.

After we lost in a tragic accident Ariadna, it was probably a sign of fate that we got Aurora.

The similarity is overwhelming and terrifying!

Thus, in Aurora live on a piece of Ariadna!


We are eternally grateful that we have her!


Auroroa is a graceful female, her step is light-footed as a ballerina and she also has a heart, that includes the whole world!

It has integrated into our pack and gives us much joy!

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Diva ist am 16.09.2022 Mama von 4 Welpen geworden. Weitere Infos und Bilder HIER

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