Izumi (links) und Easy (rechts)
Izumi (links) und Easy (rechts)

Easy arrived in May 2008 to us. You could say that it was a great coincidence or perhaps fate, that we have found the little bitch on the side of the shelter Cologne Dellbrück without having sought it at all!

Either way, for all it was an indescribable happiness!
Easy originally hails from Hungary and made their way to unknown journey to Cologne. On the homepage of the shelter she was right on the 1st Page and her big eyes looked sad and scared! This dog had a special charisma and it showed that the whole family has made on the same day on their way to Cologne! Aimy - our Samoyed bitch, we have taken to see how easy to respond to large dogs.

Our first encounter at the shelter went off quite unspectacular. Easy was just glad to get an additional output views from its enclosure. She was hectic and nervous, jumped from right to left, and struggled unswervingly on a leash. Neither Aimy yet we made a particular impression on them.

But we saw it positive! She had no fear of us!

If you are kneeling on the floor, she was briefly jumped to record fleeting contact, and then immediately go away.

After a long and detailed conversation with the staff of the shelter, we were allowed to take Easy!

The foundation stone was laid for a common path!

To date we have never regretted it! On the contrary! Easy is such an enriching to our lives and our pack! She is a bundle of energy and unique in their existence! She is so very grateful and gives us so much vitality and countless happy hours!

Easy is a purebred Zwergspitz,
it even has a tattoo in the ear.

Her past is unknown to us --
But their future is us of course!

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