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Masashi is now 1 year old and is a wonderfully handsome and stately Japanese Spitz become male. He has however retained its childlike charm and when he looks at his eyes with a dark, we could melt away.

Masashi our gentleman!


  Masashi - our snow prince - in his element



  Masashi & Trouble

 Masahi has adopted Trouble as a "big brother" and Trouble has apparently taken over this role you!

The two dogs romp together on the meadow, rolling through the grass and run wrestling where most Masashi is allowed to win the match.

Trouble - is aware of his physical superiority - then threw himself on his back and can Masashi gain the upper hand and looking forward to it like a Cheshire Cat!

This behavior has nothing whatsoever to do with dominance behavior, we experienced two dogs that just play!


Masashi - a true all-rounder




In a moment, seemingly lost in thought and dreaming Masashi sitting on the lawn and the next moment he fired at house like a Tasmanian devil swirl across the meadow.

An absolute joyful dog, fine with many facets!

On the one hand, a gentleman who fondly clings to cuddle

and then come alive again a whirlwind of running

with the wind to race.


  Masashi and our Izumi


  Masashi with 3 weeks

  At this point a big thank you to Elke Wiedemann for providing the beautiful pictures.

More pictures can be found on the website of Ms Wiedemann.


  The parents


Mother: We-Sedso Dana



Father: Akio de la Reina


Our little prince

Masashi Yuki-Oji (= Japanese for Snow Prince)
"von den Allgäuer Bergspitzen"

he was
born on 25 April 2009, at 12:25 clock.

He was bred by:

Elke Wiedemann
D - 87474 Berg
Kempten / Allgäu

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