One more Miracle Fee Dream from Russia


In particular, we were delighted with pictures and news from Russia.
This is the sister of our Fee (O-litter):

Orchideja Lovely Child Dream From Russia

Besides the news that it Orchideja very well, we have also received reports of success of its exhibitions:

Junior Champion Russia Piadina Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Montegero, Ch Club
Bulgaria, Russia Club Junior Winner, Best Junior Championships in France 2010 Samoyed (BIS Junior -
2), Best Puppy Samoyed Eurasia 2010, Res.Best Speciality female samoyed puppy show in Finland 2010

 We are pleased that it is "our" Orchideja goes well and she is also so successful!

 Congratulations from Germany!

18. June 2010



born on 19.09.2009

The parents:

Koschka Big Bear Dream from Russia
Lady Luna Dream from Russia

10. January 2010

    3. January 2010

  Fee and Orchideja

16. November 2009




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